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ACDC Lighting has selected an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system from Epicor as part of the LED and cold cathode architectural lighting manufacturer’s review of systems and business processes.

The Epicor deployment will replace all systems within the organisation, including a number of commercial products for specific business functions, databases and scores of spreadsheets.

By doing this, ACDC Lighting believes it is giving staff the tools needed to focus on higher-value tasks that make them more motivated and effective, and deliver improved service to customers.

Ian Clark, financial director at ACDC Lighting, said: ‘Our current systems are very labour intensive; staff can spend a lot of time moving between different spreadsheets, which is frustrating for them and makes the business less agile.

‘They have a huge amount of experience that is wasted on fighting with cumbersome processes to produce reports, or tasks that we know can be automated.

‘For example, we want people in our procurement department to be focused on extracting the best from our supplier partnerships, not chasing paperwork,’ he added.

ACDC Lighting will be re-engineering its business processes as part of the Epicor implementation to get an optimum balance between software-controlled automation and the best practice processes for the business.

The management team expects to be able to properly understand the business at all levels, with timely reporting and dashboards that will enable it to react quickly to changes in order books, the supply chain, or manufacturing complications.

The company reviewed 20 ERP solutions before selecting Epicor.

The management team was impressed with Epicor’s Microsoft Office integration, customer relationship management and remote salesforce features, intuitive interface and Configurators.

The company has a core set of 50 products, but last year produced more than 2,500 variants on them.

Clark said: ‘The Epicor Configurators will allow our sales teams to easily specify the customisations on our core products to give customers accurate quotes.

‘These customised orders will then seamlessly move through Epicor to manufacturing, distribution and finance, saving time and unnecessary complexity,’ he added.

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