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The blower-powered Line-Dry system from Air Control Industries (ACI) has helped Concept Cables, an independent cable and wire manufacturer, to remove residual moisture film from water-cooled insulated cable systems during production.

In addition to its standard range of wires and multi-core products, Concept Cables is able to manufacture products to meet specific requirements.

The Line-Dry system — which can handle products measuring up to 25mm in diameter at speeds of 500m/min — is available in two versions: one with the dryer heads enclosed to contain displaced moisture and one that is in an open unit.

With both versions, the blower and the speed controller are mounted on legs and are enclosed in an ABS plastic enclosure that is designed to prevent moisture ingress.

Air is delivered at up to 2.8psi at speeds of 8,800m/min (28,900ft/min) at 80ºC.

Key benefits of product application

  • Compared with Concept Cables’ original compressed-air systems, it is estimated that ACI’s wire/cable drying system can provide up to a 10-fold reduction in energy cost savings, which potentially equates to savings of thousands of pounds per annum.
  • The blower is a variable-speed, multi-stage unit that is controlled via a speed controller, which gives the company the flexibility to accommodate different products and line speeds.

Air Control Industries

Air Control Industries (ACI) is a leading global provider of industrial air movement products.

We analyse the application and select or design the product with the right materials, performance and environmental characteristics to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

ACI has the expertise to help satisfy all your air handling requirements, be it cooling drying or spreading.

Since 1969, ACI has been designing and manufacturing fans and blowers, both for general applications and for specific tasks that demand custom-engineered solutions. We have also been developing value-added products employing our fans and blowers.

These include Airknives, bottle/can-drying systems for the drinks industry and our extruded product/cable/wire drying unit. All are employed around the world by leading international companies.

Another ACI innovation for the health and hygiene market is our Jetblack personnel cleaning stations. Being blower powered, Jetblack provides a safe and economic method of de-dusting personnel. To extend options for our customers, we also offer EBM-Papst products, for which we are the exclusive distributor.

ACI has around 50 employees split between its UK headquarters in Chard, Somerset, and its US subsidiary in Maine, New England. There is a network of overseas distributors to provide international sales and support.

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