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The LMS Test Lab High Definition Acoustic Camera and LMS Test Lab 3D Acoustic Camera enable exterior and interior sound-source localisation, respectively.

Aimed at exterior studies, the LMS Test Lab High Definition Acoustic Camera is a circular array of 36 or 54 microphones with a wide-angle camera for identifying sound sources up to 20kHz.

Output includes a colour-coded sound-pressure map superimposed on a full-surface photograph of the test specimen, which may be a complete vehicle, major subsystem or individual component.

Sound fields can be animated using time and/or frequency data to clearly show acoustic ‘hot spots’.

The LMS Test Lab High Definition Acoustic Camera supports real-time far-field and real-time near-field sound-source localisation.

The camera’s wide-angle lens array provides sharp pictures, even when taken close to the structure.

The newest feature, near-field acoustic holography (NAH), is used to process close-to-the-source measurements, improving spatial resolution and delivering accurate results in the low-frequency range.

The LMS Test Lab 3D Acoustics Camera precisely identifies unwanted interior sounds right at the source.

Based on spherical beam-forming, LMS Test Lab 3D Acoustics Camera scans the full sound profile of a vehicle interior with a laser.

Its high dynamic range and spatial resolution clearly separates sound sources close to each other.

Identified sound sources can be projected on the geometry itself or right on an actual 3D digital image, maximising SSL accuracy and allowing engineers to assess on the spot.

LMS is an engineering innovation partner for companies in the automotive, aerospace and other advanced manufacturing industries. LMS enables its customers to get better products faster to market, and to turn superior process efficiency to their strategic competitive advantage. LMS delivers a unique combination of 1D and 3D virtual simulation software, testing systems, and engineering services. We are focused on the mission critical performance attributes in key manufacturing industries, including structural integrity, handling, safety, reliability, thermal management, fluid dynamics, comfort and sound quality. Through our technology, people and 30 years of experience, LMS has become the partner of choice for most of the leading discrete manufacturing companies worldwide. LMS, a Dassault Systèmes Gold Partner and SIMULIA Partner, is certified to ISO9001:2008 quality standards and operates through a network of subsidiaries and representatives in key locations around the world.

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