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Acrosser Technology has introduced its AR-V5430FL series fan-less Core 2 Duo in-vehicle computer.

AR-V5430FL is designed for in-vehicle applications such as fleet management, telemetric and location globalising.

Built with Acrosser thermal technology, AR-V5430FL is capable of utilising the Intel Core 2 Duo processor operation in a dust-proof and completely enclosed chassis without being subject to higher costs.

AR-V5430FL is fully compliant with in-vehicle computer applications such as E-Mark Certification (E-13).

The intelligent power module has a DC power input range of 9V to 32V.

It offers the following features: eight user selectable system off delay times; power on/off retries; power input monitoring; LED indicators that represent system status; and a remote control.

Continuous monitoring of DC input voltage will prevent the car battery from draining out.

The system will not boot up if car battery voltage is lower than 11.2V.

If the battery is lower than 10.8V while the system is in operation, it will shut down the system automatically to keep the battery alive.

All of the above functions are controlled by a microcontroller, which can be customised based on requirements.

AR-V5430FL is certified to operate under Vibration 3G (IEC60068-2-64) and shock 50G 11ms (IEC60068-2-27).

To fulfill the demand of telematics applications, AR-V5430FL can integrate an optional GPS/GPRS/WiFi module.

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