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At Mach 2010, ACS demonstrated its airborne particulate-removal systems and the mobile, universal low-pressure cleaner range from PH-Cleantec.

The Cleantec SRK1000-AS heats water or coolant to efficiently conduct machine cleaning operations.

It heats water or coolant to 95C in under a minute and works at an operating pressure from 3 to 7.5 bar to clean components and machine tools.

For machine re-sellers and maintenance departments, the mobile cleaning unit can be wheeled to any machine in a production area within minutes, due its lightweight 55kg frame.

To further improve access to machine tools, the unit has a 5m suction hose, 8m power cable and 5m lance cable attached to a standard 600mm lance.

Once in place, the compact mobile unit, which has no fluid tank, can suck liquid directly from the machine-tool coolant sump or can be connected to an external water tap, providing a variable spray water volume from 1 to 1.8 litre/min.

This provides maintenance staff with a solution to removing stubborn marks, oil, swarf and stains from the area to be cleaned.

The OMF1000 media air cleaning system removes coolant mist/smoke from machining applications.

The freestanding OMF1000 unit is designed for direct attachment to most machine tools and the highly efficient media air cleaner has been developed for machining applications where high- and low pressure-coolant is used.

With an air volume of 1,000m3/h and a 500W motor that generates a noise level below 68dB, the compact 120kg unit comfortably fits into any machine shop or tool room with minimal disruption.

Air Cleaning Systems

For over 20 years, ACS has been at the forefront of supplying engineered solutions to a range of air filtration problems. Specialising in the control of coolant/oil mist/smoke from machining applications such as turning, milling and grinding, ACS is uniquely positioned in the market to tailor its products and services to deliver practical solutions.

In satisfying the needs of our customers, we help create solutions which make for a cleaner, safer working environment.

The ACS range of air cleaners are designed for direct attachment to most machine tools – removing respirable particulate from the machining enclosure thereby protecting people, computers, machinery, air conditioning and heating plant.

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