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Organisations should act now to renew their electricity contracts or risk falling victim to peak prices this autumn, according to Greater Manchester-based energy management business Ener-G.

Gary Collins, national business manager for Ener-G Management, said: ‘October is one of the busiest times of the year for electricity renewals and this surge in demand usually causes prices to rise.

‘History shows that businesses would be wise to act now to avoid potential extra cost.

‘The other reason to act speedily is that prices are currently at a relative low – around 30 per cent less than 12 months ago.

‘But the signals are that prices may swing upwards again, mirroring the recent rises in the oil market.

‘While it is difficult to predict the direction of the highly volatile wholesale energy market, huge investment in cleaner generation and new infrastructure must be paid for somehow and, inevitably, these additional bills will be footed by the customer.

‘The global recession is helping to keep a lid on price rises, but as the wheels of commerce and industry start turning faster again, increased demand for energy could also put upward pressure on prices,’ he added.

Ener-G provides a procurement service including fixed-price options, where organisations can ensure stability over a one- or two-year period, or flexible purchasing procurement models, enabling businesses to benefit from any future troughs in the market.

Collins continued: ‘Businesses should take a twin-pronged approach to energy management, combining both competitive purchasing and measures to improve energy efficiency.

‘On average, companies can save between 10 per cent and 20 per cent by becoming more energy efficient, meeting their environmental obligations at the same time,’ he said.

Ener-G provides a range of end-to-end solutions, including finance and lease options, to help businesses reduce bills and carbon emissions.

One of the best starting points is a Carbon Trust onsite audit, which is available free to qualifying companies.

Other services include water surveys, energy-efficient lighting systems that can cut bills and emissions by up to 50 per cent and smart metering and data reporting systems that are intended to enable businesses to monitor consumption.

Building energy management systems and combined heat and power systems can provide a boost to carbon and cost saving, while energy management and training services provide businesses with support in optimising energy usage.

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