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ACT Meters is offering the Calmaster in-house calibration test box for in-house testing and re-calibration of multimeters in accordance with BS ISO9000 requirements.

Used in conjunction with a calibrated multimeter, Calmaster compares accuracy between the calibrated meter and meter under test.

It will verify the accuracy of resistance, AC/DC voltage and DC current readings and allow the user, if necessary, to adjust and re-calibrate the meter under test to match the calibrated meter’s specifications.

Calmaster features variable, fine and coarse controls that enable the user to adjust resistance and voltage values of the meter under test and has pre-selected settings for current.

In-house calibration certificates may be completed for future reference once the necessary adjustments have been made.

Re-calibration costs are limited to one multimeter per year and the unit is supplied with AC mains and quality multimeter test leads for the master and meter under test.

ACT Meters Ltd has supplied alarm test equipment and alarm troubleshooting
solutions worldwide for more than 20 years.  It has become a successful
niche business, with over 100 specialist products. In recent years the
company has expanded its range to appeal not only to alarm engineers, but to
engineers from all other sectors including medical, automotive, marine and

Their product range includes a highly reputable selection of battery testing
and monitoring equipment, multimeters, cable testers, calibration equipment,
cctv  troubleshooting and a unique collection of alarm protection devices to
help reduce false alarms.

The company prides itself on experience, providing a personal service and
continually developing innovative products to help meet the demands of the
alarm engineer. ACT Meters Ltd also offers free technical advice to
engineers who are experiencing troublesome alarm systems.

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