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ACT is offering Verifier, an audible cable tracer, resistance tester and fault locator all in one unit.

Designed specifically for testing security and fire alarm installations, this radical new tool uses sound technology to allow engineers to walk test an installation and trace hidden cables, test resistance devices and locate circuit faults first time.

The system works by passing an audible tone through the cables and devices connected to the circuit under test.

This tone is then picked up by the supplied inductive amplifier, enabling the engineer to listen out for, find and follow hidden cables behind plaster, under carpet, beneath floorboards or above ceilings.

Cables can be identified from up to 1m away, with the tone becoming louder as it comes into closer contact, and varying in pitch according to the resistance of the circuit.

Any cable resistance fault, short or break can be heard by a change of tone, with induced EMI and RFI being identified by a sound change.

Verifier passes this resistance-sensitive audible tone through devices connected to the circuit.

As the resistance increases, so does the tone, which helps to identify devices connected to unmarked cables.

Good and faulty magnetic contacts may also be identified easily: on a normal contact the tone will cleanly switch from low to high, but on a faulty contact, the tone will vary in pitch from low to high.

By moving the magnet slowly away from the contact, the tone will verify any normal or faulty contact and test the magnet strength.

Other benefits include verifying the sensitivity adjustment of shock sensors, test operation and sensitivity of PIR motion detectors and verify joint box tamper resistance.

Any distorted changes in pitch will identify problems during these tests.

Verifier is suitable for verifying first-fix installations and takeovers, as well as commissioning, maintaining and troubleshooting installations.

It is supplied with an inductive amplifier, magnetic test screwdriver and carry case.

ACT Meters Ltd has supplied alarm test equipment and alarm troubleshooting
solutions worldwide for more than 20 years.  It has become a successful
niche business, with over 100 specialist products. In recent years the
company has expanded its range to appeal not only to alarm engineers, but to
engineers from all other sectors including medical, automotive, marine and

Their product range includes a highly reputable selection of battery testing
and monitoring equipment, multimeters, cable testers, calibration equipment,
cctv  troubleshooting and a unique collection of alarm protection devices to
help reduce false alarms.

The company prides itself on experience, providing a personal service and
continually developing innovative products to help meet the demands of the
alarm engineer. ACT Meters Ltd also offers free technical advice to
engineers who are experiencing troublesome alarm systems.

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