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The latest air-conditioning servicing packs from Actia Muller, are designed for use with all types of vehicles.

Two specifications are available: the 6620 is a semi-automatic unit which can be set up for bespoke applications and the 6720.

Self-contained and fully automatic, the 6720 unit incorporates a comprehensive database covering all current European vehicle makes.

After-sales support includes fully qualified on-site training in the use of this equipment.

The recharging process involves the evacuation of the used refrigerant, then a check for leaks before finally recharging the system with the correct amount of refrigerant and lubricating oil.

Most of the operation is automatic and can be set up from a menu-driven graphic display.

After selecting the vehicle model from the database, the operator is presented with step-by-step instructions for making the connections and setting up the recharge procedure.

These include options for adding ultraviolet dye for leak testing.

Pressure gauges allow a visual indication of the system’s performance, while connected.

Also available are temperature probes to measure the correct operation of the system in reducing cabin temperature.

Comfort level and effective performance are simply checked by the difference between internal and external temperatures.

In addition to gas for recharging, the unit houses an ultraviolet dye bottle, a used oil storage bottle, and a clean oil bottle.

The Actia Muller AC recharging unit is designed to pull the used gas out and separate it from the lubrication oil.

The evacuated gas is then filtered to remove contaminants, (mainly moisture) and then stored for recycling.

The amount of oil recovered is measured and then topped up with fresh oil ready for the recharging stage.

The complete operation takes no longer than 30 minutes to complete on an average car.

An important feature of the Actia Muller unit is the large capacity (20kg) gas storage bottle – twice the size of most standard units designed for motor cars.

The larger capacity means that the Actia Muller units are suitable for commercial vehicles and in particular passenger coaches, which normally have around 13-14kg of gas capacity.

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