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Actify has introduced Spinfire 8.4, which includes updates to Spinfire Reader, Spinfire Professional, and the introduction of Spinfire Markup and Spinfire Lite.

The new tiered model for Spinfire, along with the availability of four new plug-ins, represents a major leap in improved business processes for companies of all sizes.

Spinfire 8.4 features: Spinfire Markup, which allows users limited measurement and full markup of 3D files; and Spinfire Lite, which has full Spinfire Professional functionality without the overhead of importers.

Spinfire 8.4’s single image executable means that with only one download, users can choose which Spinfire solution is appropriate for their use.

In addition to the two new product levels, the application can be operated in three different platforms: desktop, Microsoft Office and IE Browser.

Chris Jones, president of Actify, said: ‘The layered approach to Spinfire 8.4 allows all levels of users within an organisation to have a product that specifically meets their needs.

‘Whether it’s an engineer who needs the full functions and features of Spinfire Professional or someone in sales or marketing who simply needs to review a CAD file and make markups, there is now a product for everyone.’ With Spinfire’s new design, each tiered product comes with full Microsoft Office integration.

Spinfire 8.4 also features: the Cross Section Plus plug-in, which augments Spinfire Professional’s cross-section capabilities; the Automatic Parts List plug-in, which provides a listing of all the sub-assemblies, parts and raw materials that go into a parent assembly and shows the quantity of each required to make an assembly; and the Automatic Part ID plug-in, which allows users to apply markup to all parts, all sub assemblies or single part/sub assembly and work in conjunction with the Automatic Parts List plug-in.

Spinfire 8.4 is available in English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.

A free trial version of the product is available for download at the company’s website.

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