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The Active Contact Flange represents a combination of highly sensitive sensor and actor elements, which can be employed between tools and handling systems, and in processing machinery.

As a result of the Active Contact Flange, automatic, touch-sensitive surface processing is possible in combination with fast and targeted force regulation.

The precision and reaction speeds of standard load cells are exceeded several times over.

Pneumatic elements provide immediate and independent compensation for fluctuations in contact pressure of up to a maximum of 500N, without the need to wait for a reaction from the superordinated control.

The mechanical design of the Active Contact Flange minimises the risk of workpiece damage due to tool collisions.

Even in the case of sudden disruptive influences, the system reacts at high speed and gives way.

In combination, these capabilities allow the safe automation of activities.

One typical application is the automation of surface-treatment procedures such as sanding, polishing, smoothing, stripping, cleaning and deburring.

The sensitive handling of the workpiece is of decisive importance in this regard, as the danger of damage to the processed material as a result of uncontrolled contact pressure is especially great.

The gentle application of force by the Active Contact Flange also enables the bonding, joining, examination and testing of surfaces, and guarantees quality results.

This also applies to complex assembly applications, for example within moving vehicle passenger compartments on automotive industry production lines, as well as automatic machine handling and the accurate pick and place of sensitive objects.

Available as a turnkey product and an individual system solution, the Active Contact Flange is on offer as a turnkey product solution, which comes with a modern KEBA control unit and can be employed immediately for universal applications.

Numerous possibilities for individual supplements are available.

The program logic can be quickly and simply extended in the IEC program language.

As a result of common communications interfaces and the standardised flange connection, quick and straightforward integration into existing control systems is guaranteed.

Data concerning the actual force, position and contact situation is provided on a permanent basis.

Therefore, a comprehensive process parameter logging is secured.

Separate process and quality controls are superfluous, as all working phases are entirely reproducible.

Systems solutions that can be customised to match the respective application are also on offer and are fitted with proven KEBA control systems.

Scalable hardware, an individually adjustable HMI, including visualisation and comprehensive robotic features, facilitate simple integration into existing control systems and standalone operation without superordinated controls.

A set of automation components permits the rapid and easy design of manifold automation solutions.

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