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Active Sensors has launched the RH100 two-part miniature rotary hall effect sensor for industrial and automotive control and measurement systems.

When rotated close to the module face, the shaft accurately measures up to 360 degrees of angular position without mechanical contact with the module – wear free.

The sensor is suitable for applications where moisture, dust and vibration are a consideration.

It operates from either a 5VDC regulated or 6VDC to 30VDC unregulated supply and has an output signal of 0.5V to 4.5V with a 12-bit resolution (0.08 degrees).

The operating temperature is 130C.

The RH module and shaft design offer a versatile and reliable position sensing solution with a variety of mounting options, according to the company.

RH models are available with the rotating shaft set within ‘twin’ long-life stainless-steel ball-race bearings for low-force shaft operation.

Active Sensors is a designer of high-performance rotary and linear position sensors for motion control and measurement systems.

It specialises in contactless and contacting technology.

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