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When Gleason needed a replacement actuator to position a heavy coolant head on its Phoenix II 275G gear grinding machine, the company bought an RSM rod-style screw actuator from Tolomatic.

‘The Phoenix II 275G gear grinding machine is designed to create a fine finish on the mating surfaces of bevel gears that have already been rough cut,’ said George Chamberlain, a Gleason design engineer.

To insure that the gear-grinding process produces the best finish on the gear surfaces, a flow of lubricating coolant needs to be precisely directed at the grinding wheel’s point of contact with the gear at all times.

In the original design of the machine, an electric actuator was responsible for moving a 50lb manifold of coolant jets in small increments as the grinding wheel was consumed and changed dimensions.

However, the original motor/actuator used in the machine sometimes lacked the necessary torque to move the heavy coolant manifold.

It was found that when the actuator was overloaded due to increased friction in the system, it would stop and sometimes lose its position.

Chamberlain consulted with Brian Mulholland of Hughes Hi-Tech in Clarence, New York, a distributor for Tolomatic, and learned that Tolomatic actuators could accept a more powerful servo motor.

‘The most important factors in choosing the Tolomatic brand actuator were its overall torque and its compact design,’ said Chamberlain.

Tolomatic’s RSM actuators feature a reverse-parallel motor drive where the motor is mounted alongside the actuator and drives the screw through a toothed belt and pulley assembly.

The Tolomatic RSM rod-style actuator series is designed for high performance, high thrust, durability and compact mounting flexibility.

With thrust capability ranging from 70 to 7,000lb, even the smallest 12in model had enough power for Gleason’s application.

The product line also features black anodised extrusion designed for rigidity and strength, ball screw, roller screw or acme screw options, and robust internal guide bearings to support the screw assembly throughout its entire stroke.

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