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The ICR linear rod-style Smart Actuator is now available with a reverse-parallel mounted motor that delivers up to 720lb of force in a more compact package, for industrial motion-control applications.

With the motor mounted on top of the actuator instead of inline, the length of the total package is reduced, giving the product greater versatility and performance in such applications.

‘The RP design features a steel-reinforced HTD belt to transfer force from the motor to the actuator,’ said Aaron Dietrich, electric products manager, Tolomatic.

‘The RP design can be ordered in either 1:1 or 2:1 drive ratios to deliver either high speed or high power,’ he added.

The ICR linear rod-style Smart Actuator is an all-in-one electric actuator (digital drive, servomotor and actuator) designed for complex applications requiring 100 per cent duty-cycle performance.

The ICR Basic model provides extend-and-retract functionality, with the ability to independently adjust extend/retract velocity.

The ICR Plus model provides programmability, communication options and other functionality to meet the demands of the most complex industrial applications.

The reverse-parallel motor Smart Actuator is also available with a rear clevis mount as a mounting option.

This allows the actuator to pivot freely on its mounting, replacing existing pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders that are typically used in this mounting configuration.

The Smart Actuator ICR operates on either 24 or 48V DC and accepts signals from PLCs, sensors, network communication or an existing motion controller.

Depending on the model, the ICR features extend/retract functionality similar to pneumatic cylinders, a flexible indexer programming environment, optional CANopen and Device Net communication to daisy chain up to 127 axes, standalone operation, stepper mode and analogue position mode.

The Smart Actuator with the reverse-parallel motor option incorporates Tolomatic’s Endurance TechnologySM features for long service life with low maintenance.

The ICR combines a powerful servomotor with a rugged drive belt and ball screw housed in a sturdy aluminum extrusion.

Depending on screw selection and drive ratios, the ICR is capable of delivering up to 720lb of thrust for speeds up to 5in/sec, or 150lb of thrust at speeds up to 23in/sec.

The ICR is stroke-configurable up to 24in.

Further applications include: packaging, material handling, medical, food processing, automotive, semiconductor and general automation industries.

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