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Heason Technology has launched a low-cost modular actuator range for pick-and-place and sample dispensing in life science and other analytical equipment applications.

The PLA range features an extruded anodised aluminium housing with a stepper motor driven leadscrew drive and precision recirculating ball linear guide bearings.

The range is supplied complete with microstepping drives and a motion controller for a complete solution that can be integrated into the customer’s machine.

The modular T-slot housing profile allows the use of clamps or nuts to assemble multi-axis X-Z and X-Y-Z positioning systems with a per-axis travel range from 75mm to 300mm.

The flexible mounting system also provides the possibility to parallel-mount actuators and telescopically extend travel over a range to fulfil Z1 and Z2 axis ’syringe’ and ’plunger’ requirements – typically found in sample dispensing systems.

The PLA range is designed for medium precision and medium-duty use with positioning resolution between five and 25 microns using 1mm to 6.35mm pitch leadscrews.

Positioning repeatability is specified down to 0.025mm and maximum traversing speeds up to 50mm/s.

Specifications are based upon open-loop motion control with 200 steps/rev hybrid stepper motors and microstepping drives.

For higher speeds, increased resolution or improved repeatability, Heason Technology can customise the range using its own in-house design service – adding servo motors, encoders and alternative pitch leadscrews or ballscrews.

The range includes optional chain-type cable management and hall-effect limit sensors are fitted in the housing slots to adjust the safe travel range and maximise application flexibility.

Motor and home switch connection is by means of flying leads and miniature connectors, making interfacing to the customer equipment straightforward.

The NEMA 23 frame stepper motors include through shafts with fitted hand-wheels for manual operation and setting up.

The IMS range is supplied complete with microstepping drives from Danaher and motion controls from Baldor – both distribution partners of Heason Technology.

Danaher P7000 series microstepping drives maintain motor smoothness coupled with high-torque/high-speed capability and are complemented with Baldor’s Nextmove-ESB-2 panel-mount motion controller.

Supplied with up to four axes of stepper control (or servo as an option) with digital and analogue I/O, memory and optional HMI interfacing, the 32-bit/120MHz DSP-based controller features MintMT multitasking Basic programming – or for host controlled applications, embedded ’C’ or ActiveX component programming.

The ESB-2 provides a selection of simple-to-advanced motion control from point-to-point individual axis moves to interpolated compound moves that are synchronised with I/O or external encoders.

The controller can work as a stand-alone machine controller or with PLCs and other PC-based machine control systems.

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