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Tolomatic’s ERD electric rod-style actuators are suitable for applications including product changeovers, pick-and-place, sorting and diverting, heat-staking and more.

They are designed as an economical electric alternative to non-repairable pneumatic cylinders and provide design engineers with a new option for automating manual processes.

ERD electric rod-style actuators are said to be sleek and compact and deliver forces up to 75lb (334N) at speeds up to 40in/sec (1,016mm/sec).

ERD actuators are stroke configurable and ship within five days from order entry at the factory.

The ERD electric rod-style actuator is available in body sizes that are equivalent to 5/8in, 1in and 1.5in bore non-repairable pneumatic cylinders.

These three sizes are available in stroke lengths up to 8in, 10in and 12in respectively, and forces up to 20lb, 40lb and 75lb.

The three sizes, from small to large, accept Nema 11, 17 or 23 frame stepper and servo motors.

The acme lead screw is made of high-performance steel and is available in three lead sizes per sizes to optimise speed or force.

ERD products are round-bodied, following the footprint of most pneumatic actuators in this performance class.

The rear head of the actuator features an oversized main bearing to accommodate high thrust loads and provide long life.

The main tube and thrust tube are made of stainless steel for high rigidity and corrosion resistance, while the metric-threaded nose mount accepts a jam nut that provides convenient mounting for many applications.

Mounting options include a rear trunnion mount, foot mounts or a front flange mount.

The ERD actuators can accommodate six different sensing or switching choices: reed, solid-state PNP (sourcing) or solid-state NPN (sinking), normally open, flying leads or quick-disconnect.

The tube switches are activated by a standard internal magnet located inside the thrust tube.

Commonly used for end-of-stroke positioning, these switches allow clamp-on installation anywhere along the actuator tube.

All switches are CE rated and are RoHS compliant for environmental compatibility.

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