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Exlar’s SLM and SLG rotary actuators are available with Class I, Division 2 Certification, meeting application requirements for use in hazardous environments.

Offering the same features as the standard models – including Exlar’s brushless servo motor and gearmotor technology – the SLM and SLG rotary actuators deliver reliable performance for a variety of motion-control applications.

With the Class I, Division 2 option, SLM and SLG rotary actuators provide a powerful and efficient motion-control solution for use in locations where flammable gases or vapours may be present.

Exlar’s SLM and SLG rotary actuators are suited for operating quarter-turn or multi-turn valves, or shaft-drive dampers.

Directly coupled shaft to shaft, these actuators eliminate cumbersome mechanisms needed by the linear motion of pneumatics.

Operating with Exlar’s T-Lam segmented lamination stator technology, which consists of individual segment phase wiring and high-coercive-strength magnets, the SLM and SLG compact servo motors provide continuous modulating service.

To meet application requirements, the Class I, Division 2 rotary actuators are also available with resolver feedback and handwheel options.

Additional features include: high-load-bearing design; integrated armature and sungear for SLG models; Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D certified; terminal box with NPT ports.

Exlar’s SLM and SLG Class I, Division 2 rotary actuators are suited for applications such as: ball valves; butterfly valves; fuel skids; oil and gas upstream and downstream; power utilities; basic weight; and paint booths .

The SLM Series delivers a high torque in a small package, providing high product quality and performance.

Offering multiple frame size options, including 90, 115 and 142mm, and producing speeds up to 4,000rpm, Exlar’s SLM motors are suitable for a variety of precision motion and speed applications.

Feedback configurations are available for nearly any servo amplifier, providing product flexibility for application requirements.

Exlar’s UL Recognized SLG Series Integrated Gearmotors offer high power densities in a compact design.

Available in two frame sizes – 90 and 115mm – the SLG Series offers one, two or three stack lengths, with single and double reductions available for varying applications.

Providing a high side load bearing design and higher stiffness than bolt-on gearhead and motor designs, Exlar’s SLG motors’ design is suitable for applications where weight or space is at a premium.

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