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Acu-Rite has introduced its Vue one- to three-axis digital readout entry-level DRO system, which is claimed to transform the performance and operation of manual milling, turning and grinding machines.

Displaying full text on an LCD display and with software functionality as standard, the system’s credentials for market acceptance are further enhanced by its availability as a ready-to-use package with high-end SENC 150 precision glass linear encoders, according to the company.

Vue’s standard functionality includes a job clock, feed-rate display, absolute/incremental display, near-zero warning, 16 tool offsets/diameters, preset and zero reset, a Trig calculator, instant inch-to-millimetre conversion and a content-sensitive help function.

Specific functions for milling include graphically supported bolt-hole pattern calculations (full and partial circles/linear patterns) and centreline calculation.

For turning, the system also features ‘lock-axis’ functionality (to establish tool offsets under load) and instant radius and diameter compensation.

Linear and non-linear error compensation is quoted as up to +/-9.999ppm.

The Acu-Rite Vue comes complete with armoured cabling.

Based on the use of reflective – rather than transmittive – light for measurement and a reader head mounted on its top face, this durable scale features advanced roller bearing technology for reduced backlash and greater scale travel life.

The result is a high-precision scale – with 0.5-, one- and five-micron resolutions – that is resistant to machine inaccuracies and vibration.

SENC 150 is available in lengths of 50mm to 3.4m and it features Acu-Rite’s Position-Trac functionality, which is said to allow operators to quickly and accurately re-establish workpiece zero from any position after a power interruption.

Once power is restored, the DRO reads a line pattern on the glass scale to recall the last-known zero.

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