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Air disinfection company Inov8 has revealed that its AD unit is being used to reduce the risk of infection for patients and staff at the Smiles Better dental surgery in Abergavenny, south Wales.

The AD Unit generates hydroxyl radicals at levels that mimic atmospheric concentrations that are harmless to humans but extremely effective against bacteria and viruses.

As part of a seven-day trial into the effectiveness of the AD in a dental surgery, air and surface samples were taken, both with and without the device, in a treatment room at the Smiles Better dental surgery.

Following the trial, air samples showed a reduction of 20 per cent in bacterial Total Viable Counts (TVCs) and 65 per cent in the fungal count, with a 90 per cent and 96 per cent reduction, respectively, for surface samples after the introduction of the AD for a seven-day period.

Dr Abdel Ezbiri from Inov8 said: ‘The results of this trial support the work that has been undertaken both in laboratory trials and in a large number of healthcare facilities.

‘However, the nature of the work undertaken in a dental surgery tends to generate a continuous source of potential infection; therefore the AD Unit is ideal for this application.’

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