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Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe has brought out a digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) development kit adaptor.

The DKXC5VADAPT-1 demonstrates how simple it is to implement a high-performance interface between an FPGA and the Fujitsu DK86064-2 and DK86065-2 high-performance DAC development kits.

The adaptor is designed to interface directly to the Hitech Global V5-PCIE2 FPGA prototype board to combine the power of the Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA with Fujitsu’s high-speed DAC.

The DKXC5VADAPT-1 provides a physical link between the data headers on the Fujitsu DK86064/65-2 development kits and the Hitech Global V5-PCIE2 FPGA prototype board.

The underside of the adaptor features six Samtec sockets, which plug directly into the headers on the two boards.

It connects 28 matched LVDS data pairs, the DAC Loop Clock (1) pairs and two divided clock signals between the two boards.

All clock signals are routed to dedicated global clock inputs on the FPGA.

The complete system forms a compact solution for testing and developing an FPGA-DAC interface.

In addition to providing a high-speed interface to the Fujitsu DAC, the Hitech Global V5-PCIE2 development platform features tri-mode Ethernet (10/100/1000), a four-lane PCI Express end-point connector (upstream), a DDR2 SO-DIMM socket (up to 4GB), a 512MB DDR3 component, 128MB Platform Flash XL for configuration and user Flash memory and on-board clocking.

Fujitsu Microelectronics development platforms are designed to deliver value to customers’ prototyping phase.

The DKXC5VADAPT-1, combined with the appropriate Fujitsu DAC development kit, forms a platform that covers all aspects of the FPGA/DAC interface design, enabling customers to focus on prototyping their system.

With the platform immediately operational, based on supplied example firmware, customers will be able to save weeks of valuable resource effort, speeding time to market and greatly reducing risk.

Significant cost savings can also be realised compared with developing and debugging a custom development platform.

Fujitsu’s DKXC5VADAPT-1 DAC development kit adaptors are available for immediate shipment.

Customer support is provided locally through appointed sales representatives and electronically by e-mailing the company.

To help customers get started with the platform, Fujitsu is offering a sample implementation for the FPGA/DAC interface.

The Hitech Global V5-PCIE2 FPGA prototype board is available directly from Hitech Global with a number of different Virtex-5 parts, including the XC5VLX50T and the XC5VFX100T.

The FPGA can either be programmed directly over JTAG or via the on-board 128MB Flash memory.

The configuration can be saved into Flash memory, removing the need to reprogram the device at power on.

Programming is performed via a Xilinx USB programming cable.

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