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KEC has developed a fully screened, four-way coaxial RJ45-BNC/75 – 120 adaptor/converter for manufacturers of telecom infrastructure equipment.

The instrument enables 75ohm coax G.703 networks to communicate with 120ohm twisted-pair G.703 equipment.

It addresses the Open Network Provision (ONP) requirement that European PTT (post, telephone and telegraph) authorities offer 120ohm twisted-pair terminations.

The KA0932 was designed for telecoms company Adax.

‘Some PTTs are still standardised on 75ohm coax networks, whereas many networking products such as the Adax HDC3 SS7 signalling cards only offer 120ohm twisted pair connections,’ said Robin Kent, European operations director at Adax.

‘This adaptor from KEC helps to solve this termination mismatch problem by offering a BNC coax connection to the network and an RJ45 connection to the Adax board, and at the same time converting 75ohm signals to 120ohm signals at full E1 speed,’ he said.

‘It was critical for us to solve this termination mismatch problem for them and, at the same time, signal degradation and emissions are critical issues to avoid,’ Kent added.

‘This product designed for us by KEC provides a totally shielded solution to a complex problem in a simple plug-and-go convertor box,’ he concluded.

The KEC board is housed in a formed aluminium box with a specially developed cable harness fitted to the box with the RJ45 connectors.

All cables and connectors are screened and screen terminals are provided inside the aluminium box.

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