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advanced golf driver

Krone, a producer of custom-engineered golf equipment, selected CRP Group to provide guidance on how to combine the use of additive manufacturing and high-precision CNC machining.

By partnering with the Italian-based group, Krone was tapped into a network of companies that provide a wide range of custom solutions. Two specific divisions within CRP Group were placed on the project team: CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology.

The collaboration led to the creation of KD-1. It is a composite driver clubhead where the different materials have a specific function and structural competence.

The KD-1 body structure has been manufactured by CRP Technology’s 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing department utilising laser sintering and the innovative Windform SP additive Manufacturing material. Windform SP is a highly ductile material with top mechanical resistance. It is used where there is high stress fatigue even in time as type vibration or shock without the risk of breaking. The elasticity helps to absorb these mechanical stress.

The body has four Helicoil M4 inserts at the end to fasten the weight.

The KD-1 face (the striking surface of the head of the club) is made in Ti6AI4V: it has been CNC machined from solid and sand blasted to clean external surfaces by CRP Meccanica; the hosel was also produced in Titanium as well.

The weight is also CNC machined in brass from solid and sand blasted by CRP Meccanica.

CRP Group

The CRP Group is composed of six companies: CRP Engineering, CRP Meccanica, CRP Racing, CRP Technology, CRP Service and CRP USA.

The CRP Group is composed of six companies: CRP Engineering, CRP Meccanica, CRP Racing, CRP Technology, CRP Service and CRP USA.

Each company represents an example of excellence in their respective fields. From the experience of more than 40 years in the world of F1 working with top international teams, the CRP Group has great know-how in particular sectors, from additive manufacturing, to high performing CNC machining and development of two-wheel racing vehicles in both combustion engines and electric power (eCRP is the electric racing motorcycle), with the attention of service that is focused on the customer.

In particular, CRP Technology deals with the activity of additive manufacturing, operating in the field of motorsport, aerospace and aviation industry with the use of the Windform SLS materials, sold worldwide. CRP Technology is also involved in important projects of research and development where the additive manufacturing is required.

The other relevant company of the Group is represented by CRP Meccanica, the specialist in high speed CNC Machining for the motorsport, automotive and aviation sectors. CRP Meccanica carries out activites dealing with several sectors inside and outside the racing world, where the quality and the value are at the basis of its mission. Machining, welding and tooling departments are available to serve customers worldwide from simple to high complex and performing projects.

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