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The Adeneo software team has written the Linux Neocore926 Board Support Package for the Neocore926 board, which was based on an Atmel AT91SAM9263 processor.

The BSP code was published on the Linux-arm-kernel mailing list and Andrew Victor, the AT91 platform kernel maintainer, integrated it into its AT91-kernel patch-set.

This is a first step to mainline kernel integration: Andrew Victor patch-sets are highly reviewed and tested and once this patch-set is considered stable, it is integrated into the mainline kernel (Linus Torvalds’ branch: the official Linux kernel).

A year ago, Adeneo engineers published the NAND flash hardware controller driver for AT91SAM9263 and AT91SAM9260 platforms.

This code is now in the mainline and some changes have been made by Atmel engineers to make it compatible with AVR32 platforms.

Adeneo considers the open source as a win-win business model, as a code written by one company can be improved by others, making it more efficient.

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