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Adept Scientific has added the USB-1602HS-XX to its range of USB-based data acquisition devices from Measurement Computing Corporation.

The USB-1602HS-XX range targets applications requiring sensitive, high-accuracy and fast-voltage measurement with reliable repeatability and high throughput.

It is ideal for measuring analogue voltages at high speed.

The USB-1602HS-XX is a multifunction high-speed measurement and control board supported under popular Microsoft Windows operating systems.

It features two or four single-ended 16-bit analogue inputs with one ADC per channel or a maximum sampling rate of two MHz per channel.

The input range is software programmable for +/-10V, +/-2.5V, or +/-500 mV.

It also has two synchronous 16-bit +/-10V analogue outputs, which can generate waveforms at up to 1MHz per channel; 16 synchronous digital inputs and 16 synchronous digital outputs; four 16-bit or 32-bit counters (which can be configured to be gated); two timer/pulse width modulation (PWM) generators; and three 16-bit or 32-bit quadrature detectors to measure linear and rotary position.

A 68-pin SCSI connector provides connections for all inputs and outputs.

Four BNC connectors provide alternate connections for the two analogue inputs, external pacer clock and external digital trigger input.

The USB-1602HS-XX simultaneously samples analogue inputs, digital inputs and counter inputs.

It can synchronise AI, AO and DIO operations at rates of up to one MS/s, with aggregate throughput up to eight MS/s.

Operations can be paced with an internal or external clock.

A 500V isolation barrier protects PCs from ground spikes and ensures a reliable data stream.

The USB 2.0 high-speed driver transfers data at rates up to 480 Mbps.

The device is powered by a 9V DC 1A external power supply included with shipment.

Factory and self-calibration tables are stored in EEPROM.

The devices are supported by the Universal Library programming libraries and drivers for most popular Windows-based programming languages.

This function library saves the user time by simplifying the configuration and operation of the measurement board and reducing human errors by eliminating detailed low-level functions.

The Universal Library requires little disk storage, making it ideal for integration into multiple instrument systems and OEM products.

All the USB DAQ modules listed below ship with an impressive array of software, including: TracerDAQ, a data logging, viewing and analysis application; Universal Library for Labview, VIs and program examples for Labview; Instacal installation, calibration and test utility; and support for Dasylab, icon-based data acquisition, graphics, control, and analysis software and Measurement Studio MCC Edition, Visual Studio 2005/2003 components.

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