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The Liqui-Bond SA 1800 screen-printable thermal-interface adhesive from Bergquist combines high thermal conductivity with low viscosity.

The company said this enables optimum heat transfer with low bondline thickness when attaching heatsinks to components or modules without using mechanical fixings.

Liqui-Bond SA 1800 is a one-part silicone adhesive with a thermal conductivity of 1.8W/m-K that requires no mixing and is compatible with high-speed screen printing or dispensing.

The adhesive cures at elevated temperature to create a stable, structural bond displaying high shear strength.

This allows manufacturers to eliminate conventional fixings such as screws, clamps or clips, thereby saving assembly time, complexity and cost.

Available in 30cc or 600cc dispense cartridges, or in bulk containers, Liqui-Bond SA 1800 can be dispensed or printed onto the surface of discrete components or modules such as voltage regulators, power supplies, point-of-load regulators, amplifiers, motor controllers and automotive ECUs.

Optional glass spacer beads may also be specified, for applications requiring electrical isolation.

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