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Analog Devices (ADI) has introduced the AD8295, an integrated precision instrumentation amplifier front end that uses 50 per cent less board space than competing products.

The AD8295 in amp provides an integrated front end for industrial process controls, precision data acquisition systems, medical instrumentation equipment and Wheatstone bridge measurement applications.

It incorporates an instrumentation amplifier with two uncommitted operational amplifiers and two precision-trimmed matched resistors in a single 4mm x 4mm chip-scale package.

As part of a complete signal chain, the AD8295 in amp works well with a range of ADI’s analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs) and multiplexers.

The AD8295 delivers the highest common-mode rejection (CMR) over frequency in its class.

The CMR of competing devices typically falls off at 200Hz, while the AD8295 maintains a minimum CMR of 80dB to 8kHz.

High CMR over frequency allows the AD8295 to reject wideband interference and line harmonics.

The on-board in amp is gain programmable and uses a single resistor to set the gain from one to 1,000, delivering 1ppm/C maximum gain drift (B grade) and 0.25uV p-p input noise (0.1Hz to 10Hz).

The AD8295 operates on both single and dual supplies and is suitable for applications where +/-10V input voltages are encountered.

The entire chip (in amp and two op amps) uses only 2mA of total current, allowing for more channel density and lower cost designs.

The AD8295 components are arranged in a logical way so that typical application circuits, such as a differential ADC driver or an in amp with output filtering, have short routes.

Unlike most chip-scale packages, the AD8295 does not have an exposed metal pad on the back of the part, freeing additional space for routing.

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