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Adlink Technology has released a series of 6U CompactPCI blades ideal for use in military, transportation, aviation and communications applications requiring data integrity and scalable performance.

The cPCI-6510 Series of 6U CompactPCI blades features a 32nm Intel Core i7 processor with 2.53GHz clock speed and up to 3.2GHz maximum turbo frequency.

The Core i7 processor incorporates dual-core computing power, integrated graphics and memory controllers, enabling greater overall performance and higher data transfer rates.

The cPCI-6510 supports dual-channel DDR3-1066 SDRAM soldered onboard memory with ECC up to a maximum of 8Gb and utilises the latest Mobile Intel QM57 platform controller hub.

The cPCI-6510 optionally supports an extended operating temperature range of -40C to +80C.

With all components soldered on board, it is an ideal solution for the demanding requirements of military, transportation and communications applications.

To meet the specific needs of mission-critical applications in harsh environments, Adlink is also offering the CT-61, a conduction-cooled version of the cPCI-6510 with an identical electronic design that will be ready in the third quarter of 2010.

Combining the benefits of the Intel Core i7 processor and the Intel QM57 chipset, the cPCI-6510 provides an optimum performance-per-watt ratio, a four-thread computing capability, integrated graphics and extensive input/output (I/O) support.

The Intel Core i7 processor improves computing performance by 90 per cent over the 45nm Intel Core2 Duo T9400 processor and 25 per cent compared with a quad-core Xeon L5408 processor.

For improved graphics capabilities, the Intel Core i7 integrates the GPU into the processor, providing enhanced graphics performance 2.6 times better than the GM45 chipset solution.

In addition, the cPCI-6510 supports Intel Hyper-Threading Technology for multi-threading performance and Intel Turbo Boost Technology, which allows processor cores to run faster than the base operating frequency when conditions permit.

The cPCI-6510 provides two PMC sites at PCI-X 64-bit/133MHz and one PCI Express x8 XMC site that shares the same space as the inner PMC site.

A 2.5in (6.4cm) Serial ATA hard drive or flash disk can be equipped on the cPCI-6510V version and occupies one of the PMC sites.

One Compactflash socket is also available on board.

Raid functionality is supported on SCSI, SAS or SATA interfaces via optional rear transition modules.

The cPCI-6510 Series is validated for use with Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux and VXWorks.

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