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Admiral Microwaves has announced the Apex series ZAXM-201 Zigbee-ready module from California Eastern Laboratories (CEL).

Designed to suit a range of applications, be it Zigbee or IEEE 802.15.4, the module is based around the Ember EM250 platform.

The ZAXM-201 Zigbee module features Ember’s transceiver IC and 16-bit microprocessor, together with a high-efficiency 1mW-100mW, software-configurable, onboard power amplifier.

With integrated antenna, it operates over a transmission range of more than 4,000ft, and delivers a constant RF output power across the 2.1 to 3.6V voltage input range.

The module also features 16 general purpose I/O ports and DMA, SP1, I2C and UART interfaces.

Power consumption is a low 170mA at a typical 100mW output, making the module platform ideal for developing remote-sensing applications.

In the home automation market, for example, the module is proving useful for smoke and fire detectors, water sensors, power sensors, access sensors and smart appliances.

It is also effective for comfort features such as smart lighting and advanced temperature control as well as security devices.

Another fast-growing market for low-power Zigbee modules is in smart buildings, for energy-monitoring, lighting, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, and access control.

Similarly, in the industrial sector, these modules are suitable for process control, asset management, as well as environmental and energy management systems.

CEL’s Apex range, available exclusively in the UK from Admiral Microwaves, is a line of Zigbee solutions.

Designed for use in mesh, point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint systems, they provide a an integrated and Zigbee-certified solution aimed at getting products to market quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

This module works hand-in-hand with the ZALM-301, which is based around the EM260 network processor IC.

An SPI-based microprocessor interface provides the flexibility to choose an external microprocessor based on the application’s needs and memory requirements.

The ZAXM-201 and ZALM-301 modules are RoHS-compliant.

CEL products are FCC, IC and CE certified, which contributes towards reducing time to market, development costs and risk.

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