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Insys Microelectronics has brought out the QLM-A100 Quick Line Module, a compact ADSL module with a connector concept suitable for industrial use, enabling batch integration for the first time.

Until now electronic-system designers requiring a flexible, easy-to-integrate ADSL module faced a problem: chipset manufacturers cater to the mass market, making proprietary developments for batches of a few thousand pieces per year unprofitable.

The QLM-A100 fills that market niche.

In applications with many users – such as ATM or card terminals (POS), smart metering, and access control systems – fast data networks are crucial for success.

High data rates also reduce operating costs.

Widely available and cost-effective ADSL connections provide a transmission rate of up to 25Mbps, much faster than modem or ISDN connections.

To use these advantages, designers had to turn to consumer-market ADSL devices, which are neither applicable for industrial use nor provide a consistent configuration platform, therefore requiring huge integration effort.

In comparison, the amount of work required to integrate a QLM-A100 module into the network infrastructure is significantly reduced, due to the design and testing already carried out by Insys.

This means a huge saving in time, labour and equipment costs.

The ADSL module can also be integrated directly into the appliance.

Developers can make use of a dedicated development environment, including an evaluation board, a designer’s guide, and first-rate support.

QLM-A100 supports the ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ standards.

It is available for Annex A/M/L or Annex B specifications.

The module requires 3.3V DC voltage supply.

The unit measures 56.4 x 56.4 x 21.5mm and weighs 32g.

Insys Microelectronics

INSYS MICROELECTRONICS is a specialist manufacturer for Industrial data communication. Since 1992 INSYS has been developing and manufacturing robust devices for industrial and ‘remote’ applications, serving a variety of industries – industrial automation, building management, transportation and utilities. We offer a broad range of communication technologies in various housings both wireless and cabled. Products include DIN Rail mounted Analogue and Leased Line modems, GSM/GPRS/EDGE modems; GPRS and 3G routers with combined 4 port switch, Ethernet and WLAN devices. Beyond this, INSYS offers you component communication modules for embedded applications and comprehensive project support to develop and construct customer-specific devices – we are a competent prototype partner. All products are backed with comprehensive support. In future INSYS Microelectronics intends to strengthen its position as a leading supplier of industrial data communication hardware by ensuring the continued manufacture of reliable products with industrial grade components with customer support of the very highest standard.

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