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Adtech Ceramics has introduced custom hermetic feedthroughs that use multi-layer co-fire technology, for microwave, spectrometry, high power and high frequency applications up to 30GHz.

Multi-layer ceramic feedthroughs combine split via and high temperature braze technology for a reliable edge metallisation.

This allows multiple electrical connections per feedthrough with vertical and/or horizontal wire bond and sealing surfaces.

Adtech has several processes that maximise metal/ceramic adhesion over a range of temperatures.

Ceramic materials include white and black high temperature co-fire ceramic (HTCC) Almunia (Al2O3), Aluminum Nitride (AlN) and LTCC low temperature co-fired ceramics.

Adtech also offers metallised co-fired injection-moulded Alumina, chemical milling of metal components and mechanical assembly.

Design assistance is available from Adtech’s in-house engineering staff.

Capabilities include electromagnetic and thermal modelling and simulation for microwave packages in the X- through K-band frequency ranges.

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