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Advanced Engineering supplied TSC Foods with a mixer that could be used to produce coarse and smooth-textured products for the launch of a range of products.

TSC Foods needed to produce its ’Glorious! Skinny Dips’ range of products in time for the launch date, and approached Advanced Engineering for a mixer with a high throughput that could produce smooth and coarse-textured products in volumes of up to 500kg per batch. Advanced Engineering was given eight weeks to design, build and prove the required mixer.

The mixer supplied featured a large top-loading mixing vessel that is supported on two rotating arms located in an enclosed support structure on either side of the vessel.

It has a bottom-mounted chopping/reducing blade and a rotating anchor equipped with hinged PTFE scrapers to ensure effective mixing of all ingredients and prevent the product sticking to the vessel.

The different textures and products required are achieved through a variation of speeds and mixing times, which can be set manually or through a pre-programmed recipe on the mixer’s HMI.

Advanced Engineering

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