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AE Techron has developed the 7224 precision amplifier for the EMC compliance testing market.

The precision amplifier can be used in a range of susceptibility test standards, including Ford EMC-CS-2009, DO-160, MIL STD 461 and T1.315-2001.

Depending on the configuration, the 7224 can produce up to 1,500W and has an operating bandwidth of DC to 200kHz and a 70V/ms slew rate.

The precision amplifier can produce up to 30A of 13.5VDC with 2Vs peak to peak of line disturbances from DC to 150kHz.

It can also produce up to 160Vp and 50Ap.

The 7224 features a small chassis size (2U rack space, 45lb) for bench-top or rack-mounted operation.

The amplifier will be available from 1 March 2010.

AE Techron

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