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Aegis’s Manufacturing Operations Software (MOS) has helped EE Technologies, an ISO/TS 16949:2009-certified contract manufacturing company, to improve production efficiency and quality by streamlining and controlling process planning, process tracking and test management.

The MOS is designed to provide the tools needed by production staff to translate engineering designs into manufacturing documentation.

Aegis’s software provides support for most CAD types and is said to simplify the programming of the machines that use the CAD data.

It enables EE Technologies to automate its revision control processes as well as the distribution of information to operator workstations in sufficient detail for quality product building.

Key benefits of product application

  • The paperless system helps EE Technologies to maintain its environmental objective.
  • The software ensures that the right product is at the right station at the right time for the right job, resulting in total traceability for customers, according to Aegis.
  • Users can now determine where any work order is located throughout the factory in real time.
  • The MOS allows EE Technologies to track the work-in-progress status of a job and to provide predictive job completion times.

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