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AEMC is offering its 8335 three-phase power-quality analyser for the measurement and completion of diagnostic and power-quality work on one-, two- or three-phase networks.

An upgrade from Model 3945, the 8335 provides four voltage and four current inputs.

The Powerpad’s 2Gb of memory is partitioned allowing storage of four different types of data, synchronised or independent of each other.

It has the ability to store up to 50 screen snapshots, up to 300 captured transients that contain four cycles for each active input and 10,000 alarm events from up to 40 different parameters.

The 8335 can also record trend data for days, weeks or months and enables inrush current to be captured and stored.

Six direct-access function buttons allow for the examination of waveforms, harmonics, transients, alarms, power analysis and trend recording.

Dataview software is included for downloading recorded data, realtime display, storage, data analysis and report generation.

Applications include power-distribution circuits and in-plant troubleshooting and the analyser also monitors pad-mount transformers, determines harmonic problems, monitors phase unbalances, determines transformer K-Factor and checks motor inrush.

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