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Aeroflex, a provider of Long Term Evolution (LTE) test equipment, has added LTE measurement capabilities to its flexible, modular PXI 3000 platform.

Aeroflex’s measurement suite option for the PXI 3000 allows production test system engineers to use low-cost modular PXI equipment to characterise LTE terminals, chipsets and RF components.

LTE terminals will feature the coexistence of LTE with legacy standards in the same device.

Support for multiple cellular standards in a single test platform is key to improving production yield and reducing test times.

The suite is complemented by the LTE waveform generation capabilities of Aeroflex’s IQCreator software, which supports the PXI 3000 Series and 3410 Series of bench-top, digital RF signal generators, making them suitable for LTE RF component test.

Aeroflex’s PXI 3000 and 7100 platforms simplify the migration from RandD to manufacturing.

The same software algorithms underpin both platforms and comparable RF performance is achieved, so equipment used by RandD engineers will give results that correlate with measurements in the factory.

Leading products in the Aeroflex LTE product portfolio will be showcased at the 4G World exhibit in Chicago on 16 and 17 September, 2009.

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