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Aeroflex has introduced a new software measurement suite for its PXI 3000 series of modular instruments to support the Time Division Duplex (TDD) mode of 3GPP Long-Term Evolution (LTE): TD-LTE.

The LTE TDD Measurement Suite provides LTE TDD chipset, handset and terminal device manufacturers with the advanced test capability needed to rapidly characterise device performance.

In conjunction with PXI 3000 RF instrumentation and existing LTE FDD measurement suite, Aeroflex is able to offer RF parametric test capability for LTE devices operating in LTE 3GPP TDD and FDD bands.

The LTE TDD Measurement Suite is able to support all uplink and downlink configurations including special sub-frame configuration as defined in 3GPP 36.211 section 4.2.

LTE analysis is supported for uplink (SC-FDMA) transmissions for all bandwidths 1.5MHz to 20MHz and modulation types QPSK, QAM16 and QAM64.

In addition to numerical measurement results, the measurement suite provides trace displays for spectrum emission mask, CCDF, constellation plots, EVM versus Carrier and EVM versus Symbol.

EVM analysis for uplink signals is supported for PUSCH, SRS and PUCCH.

The PXI 3000 LTE TDD Measurement Suite has been tested and verified against the Aeroflex TM500 TD-LTE standard test mobile, reflecting Aeroflex’s capability in end-to-end testing of LTE TDD from network infrastructure to user equipment.

This addition of LTE TDD capability to the PXI 3000 completes the company’s product offering for this standard, from research and development through verification and servicing to manufacturing.

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