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Npaq 6U data sheet - .PDF file.

Aerotech has released its Npaq 6U high-power drive rack, which uses plug-in amplifiers supporting both linear and PWM topologies to control brushless, DC brush or stepper motors.

Its PWM amps offer up to 320VDC operating voltage and 30A peak current capability, while linear amplifiers provide up to 80V and 20A peak current for high-power, low-noise applications.

Featuring high-performance, double-precision DSPs, the Npaq 6U performs both current-loop and servo-loop closures digitally to ensure the highest level of positioning accuracy and rate stability.

It is this processing capability that allows the Npaq 6U to provide loop-closure rates up to 20kHz and to handle both digital and analogue I/O processing, data collection, laser firing and encoder multiplication tasks in real time.

The Npaq 6U contains two configurable power supply sections rated at 600W each to support a variety of motors with different operating voltages. When only one motor voltage is required, the power supply sections are joined together for even higher power capability.

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Key product features

  • High-power 6U modular drive chassis in 19in rack-mount design
  • Drive brush, brushless or stepper motors with the same amplifier
  • 5–30A peak output current; supports PWM or linear amplifiers
  • Digital current, velocity and position loops for improved motion stability
  • Integrated encoder multiplier for higher throughput and reduced wiring
  • Encoder and resolver feedback
  • CE approved


Aerotech — manufacturer of high-precision motion control components and systems

Aerotech — manufacturer of high-precision motion control components and systems

Aerotech manufactures the highest-performance motion control components and systems for our customers in industry, government, science and research institutions around the world. Our products include automated nanopositioners; planar and rotary air-bearing stages; high-speed gantries; mechanical-bearing linear, rotary and lift stages; brushless linear and rotary servomotors and drives; standalone and software-based motion controllers; goniometers; and gimbals/optical mounts. Custom, vacuum-prepped and cleanroom-ready positioning systems and components are available. Aerotech’s precision motion control products provide the critical performance for demanding applications in markets including medical devices and life sciences, semiconductors and flat panels, photonics, automotive, data storage, laser processing, military and aerospace, electronic manufacturing and test, assembly, research and development and others requiring high-precision, high-throughput motion solutions.

Motion controls, drives and motors

From our award-winning Automation 3200 32-axis machine controller to our Soloist series single-axis and Ensemble series multi-axis standalone motion controllers, Aerotech provides a controller solution to fit almost any need. Aerotech complements our controllers with our large selection of high-performance brushless linear and rotary servomotors and PWM and linear drives.

Linear and rotary stages, nanopositioners and gantries

Aerotech positioning stages range from economical ballscrew and gear-driven linear and rotary stages to the highest-performance direct-drive linear and rotary stages available, linear-motor-based Cartesian gantry systems, single- and multi-axis air-bearing systems and our complete range of ANT series long-travel nanopositioners.

Custom, vacuum and cleanroom-ready motion systems

If you don’t find a standard product suitable for your application, our expertise and ability to provide custom motion components and systems is unmatched. Our custom manufacturing capability is further augmented by our long history of providing systems for vacuum and cleanroom operation.

Since 1970, Aerotech has been committed to supporting our customers worldwide. We maintain a growing number of direct field sales and engineering offices throughout the US, as well as representatives across the globe. We also operate full sales and service facilities in the UK, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and China.

We’d be happy to assist you with your motion control application. Please use the contact information below to enquire about our services.

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