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Aggreko has provided power-generation equipment to the Dungeness A nuclear power station decommissioning project.

The Dungeness A facility in Kent, which is operated by Magnox South Sites, ceased generating electricity at the end of 2006; this was after more than 40 years of operation, during which it typically produced 3.2bn kWh per year.

Decommissioning of the site is currently underway, including preparations for the final defueling of the reactors.

For the project, Aggreko specified and installed two 800kVA generators along with a bulk fuel tank and an isolating transformer.

The equipment was situated next to newly upgraded and extended offices on the site perimeter road and supplied power for the required operations and maintenance work.

The Aggreko equipment was brought in to replace a smaller generator.

It was important that there was no interruption to the power supply while the new mains feed was installed.

Of particular concern were the harmonics, which could affect the performance of the IT equipment, so an isolating transformer was used to protect the supply.

Last year (2008) Aggreko won a three-year contract to supply power-generation equipment to Magnox North’s site at Wylfa on Anglesey.

This was a renewal of an existing four-year arrangement for the company and was awarded following a tender process.

Aggreko generators and chillers are being used to ensure stable and suitable conditions for the service teams to gain access to perform inspections and carry out maintenance as part of the station’s statutory outage.

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