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Aggreko has supported Bayer Cropscience during the installation of a cooling tower at its UK pesticides plant in Norwich, Norfolk.

The Bayer maintenance engineering team opted for a solution that utilised a temporary cooling-tower and power package from Aggreko.

This option is said to be more energy efficient than using temporary chillers and allows the plant to operate as normal while the installation of the cooling tower is undertaken.

The Aggreko cooling package consists of a high-volume pressure pump, hoses, a water-treatment system and Aggreko’s in-house Argus Control System to deliver 400m3/hr of cooled water at a pressure of 5 bar.

This is supported by an independent power supply (350kVA generator), plus a standby generator.

The power is routed through an automatic-mains-failure (AMF) panel that ensures continuity of power in the event of outage.

An important aspect of the Aggreko solution is the use of Nalco’s 3D Trasar technology to monitor microbiological activity in real time.

This system also monitors water throughput and administers the appropriate level of chemical additives to prevent contamination and corrosion.

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