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Electro-Discharge has invested in a high-performance CNC wire EDM machine from Agie Charmilles.

The machine, a FI 440CCS equipped with Agie Charmilles’ Cleancut technology, is being used to manufacture high-precision, complex parts predominantly for the aerospace, oil/gas, satellite and power-generation sectors.

The FI 440CCS was selected by Electro-Discharge to machine complex titanium and titanium-alloy components, and to achieve high accuracies (+/-10um or better) and surface-finish requirements (0.1um Ra).

Other considerations resulting in the FI 440CCS investment concerned the machine’s process reliability and autonomy.

Rupin Vadera, general manager at Electro-Discharge, said: ‘The FI 440CCS, with its integrated Cleancut digital generator; automatic, fast wire thread (AWT) capability, Integrated Collision Protection and ability to use all types of wire and different wire diameters [0.33-0.07mm] ticked all the right boxes for our immediate and future requirements – and in particular our ability to effectively and efficiently machine titanium and hard material parts.’ With Cleancut technology, positive and negative charges are generated alternately so as to balance out the mean voltage of the part.

It is the FI 440CCS’ ability to machine titanium, without the creation of the recast layer or micro-cracking, that has enabled Agie Charmilles’ machines to meet, for example, NADCAP quality requirements.

Other features include: fast and automatic wire-thread capability (24sec from spark to spark), which optimises the machine’s ability and reliability when left to run unattended; machining parts and part features to high accuracy and surface finishes in fewer cuts/passes; and fast cutting/removal rates using large-diameter wires through to ultra-precise micro-machining using small-diameter wires.

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