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Agilent Technologies has enhanced its Superspeed USB test solution portfolio by adding new test fixtures and J-Bert N4903B, which provides automated compliance tests and characterisation.

The new, compact setup will be introduced at the USB-IF Compliance Workshop in Portland, Oregon on 4 November.

USB receiver jitter tolerance testing became mandatory with the recent release of the USB 3.0 specification version 1.0.

USB 3.0 is also known as Superspeed USB.

Agilent has streamlined its USB 3.0 test solution for transmitter and receiver test, which now comprises of a DSA91304A Infiniium oscilloscope, a USB 3.0 test fixture, a pattern checker and pattern generator based on the J-Bert N4903B high-performance serial Bert, and the N5990A test automation software platform from Agilent’s partner Bitifeye Digital Test Solutions.

J-Bert’s new internal SJ and SSC generation eliminates the need for external signal and noise generators.

Alexander Schmitt, co-founder of the Agilent partner company Bitifeye, said: ‘With J-Bert B’s built-in jitter sources, system calibration is significantly reduced.

‘This saves customers time and enhances productivity.

‘With J-Bert B and N5990A, test parameters such as the random or sinusoidal jitter can be modified on the fly over a wide range, without the need for calculating and loading synthesised waveforms.

‘This is especially important for characterisation and troubleshooting.’ Benefits of Agilent’s USB 3.0 transmitter and receiver test solutions include: complete and accurate transmitter and receiver design and characterisation test capability; investment protection due to signal generation and analysis capability for many popular serial bus standards such as USB, PCI Express, SATA and Displayport testing; and simplified, accurate and fast compliance testing.

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