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Agilent Technologies has released serial data equalisation software for its Infiniium 90000A Series oscilloscope.

This software is ideal for testing devices based on high-speed serial data technologies such as PCI Express 3.0, USB 3.0, Sata 6 Gbps and SAS 6 Gbps.

It provides equalisation tools for real-time analysis, helping engineers reduce receiver errors.

Serial signals consist of a transmitter sending a signal over a medium to a receiver.

As data rates increase, the signal quality decreases.

This may result in the partial or complete closing of the real-time eye, which gives the receiver corrupt data.

Equalisation is a technique that allows designers to look at the receiver in real time, which can eliminate bit errors.

The Agilent Infiniium serial data equalisation software is now a part of the Agilent 90000A Series real-time oscilloscopes and digital signal analysers.

The software helps engineers quickly model their decision feedback equalisation (DFE) and feed-forward equalisation (FFE) designs to verify their simulations when it is not possible to probe the transmitter.

Engineers can select from a list of DFE and FFE options to see how various techniques will affect the eye at the receiver.

They can even compare DFE and FFE in the same window.

Users can input tap values (bit-level voltage correction factors) or get the serial data equalisation software to calculate optimised tap values for them, saving time.

Agilent’s serial data equalisation software analyses the equalised eye, including full cursor control for measuring eye height of the equalised eye.

The software also offers convolve and de-convolve functions for limited de-embedding capability.

The Infiniium serial data equalisation software is fully integrated into the 90000A Series’ oscilloscope software.

The 90000A’s low noise floor quietens equalisation techniques.

The serial data equalisation software also benefits from the 90000A Series oscilloscope’s deep memory and flat frequency response, which are the best in the industry.

Agilent’s serial data equalisation software complements other 90000A Series software such as E2681A EZJIT, N5400A EZJIT Plus and E2688A serial data analysis packages.

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