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The Automation Group (TAG) has launched AGV Icart, an intelligent automated guided vehicle (AGV) system that is claimed to eliminate the need for forklifts and pallet trucks.

AGV Icart is said to provide a way of directly moving materials and goods free of operator involvement.

It can pick and drop trolleys around stations totally automatically.

A range of smart trolleys is also available, including some that incorporate powered roller conveyors to transport industry standard plastic bins directly to and from workstations.

The Icart has been designed to work in most environments involving multi-point delivery and pick-up applications.

It is capable of pulling half a tonne, and is 1m long and the same width as a PC keyboard, allowing it to travel down narrow gangways in existing facilities.

It operates without user programming by incorporating adaptive software that utilises multiple wireless technologies.

Icart is said to be simple to implement and install and is the first product designed to run on TAG Smart-Track, a system incorporating guidance and route information for AGVs within industrial interlocking floor tiles.

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