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Aicon’s MI.Probe for tactile measurement will make its debut at this year’s Control show.

The MI.Probe works in combination with Aicon’s portable coordinate measuring machine Moveinspect.

To collect data, the measuring system uses high-resolution digital cameras that can be either mounted on tripods or on a camera bar.

Together with the MI.Probe, the system can solve positioning tasks.

It checks tolerances, compares the measured data to CAD data and digitises objects of up to eight metres.

In doing so, the typical accuracy of the system is up to less than 0.02mm for 1m3.

The handle serves as a central operating unit.

It can be linked with different probes that snap into place with one click, which makes the MI.Probe versatile.

It transmutes from a long into a short probe.

When exchanging the probe, the central operating unit automatically recognises the new one, which simplifies switching between the individual probes.

The central operating unit uses Bluetooth to connect to the operating computer.

Thus, when measuring, the user is not disturbed by any cable nor restricted in movement as they would be with an articulated arm.

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