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Neuhaus has launched air-operated monorail hoists featuring upgraded air motors, which can be customised with additional accessories to suit specific industry challenges.

Operating on a pneumatic air pressure of 6bar, the hoists avoid the potential hazards associated with electrically powered equipment when operating in areas with high humidity or potentially explosive dusts or gases.

With carrying capacities ranging from 10 to 115 tonnes, these hoists are suitable for a wide range of general and specialised engineering applications, including outdoor installations.

For restricted headroom, ultra-low monorail hoists are also available for loads from 4-100 tonnes.

A high-performance vane motor (fitted to these hoists up to 12 tonnes capacity) combines self-lube operation with sturdy design features and a reduced number of component parts.

This simplifies setting and assembly procedures while providing long, trouble-free performance with low maintenance requirements.

All these hoist products can also be supplied for use on curved beam supports, making them particularly suitable for transfers between production lines.

Optional electronic indicators of the hook loading can be provided as an attachment to the pendant controllers.

The hoists also feature perforated chain storage boxes that prevent the retention of water or other site debris.

This option is particularly suited to land rig operations.

JDN air hoists are also classified for explosion protection when operating in hazardous conditions encountered in chemical, mining, tunnelling, foundries and offshore industries.

Standard hoists are marked Ex II 2 GD 11A T4/Ex II 3 GD 11B T4, with increased spark protection provided as an option up to explosion level 11C.

As well as being insensitive to humidity, dust and temperatures from -20C up to +70C, these compact hoists incorporate instant starting with a fail-safe disc brake for safe load-holding in the event of interruption to the air power supply.

Anti-climb and anti-drop devices are also included, with pendant controllers and emergency shut-off valves.

Overload protection, rack-and-pinion drive, two-speed trolley travel control and a filter silencer can also be provided as optional accessories.

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