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Marsh Bellofram has introduced air pressure regulators for use in pipe and vessel air pressure monitoring, industrial processes, inspection procedures, plus control instrumentation applications.

The Type 10 series of high-precision regulators are said to offer 0.1 per cent output accuracy with very low sensitivity to supply pressure, ambient temperature changes and flow changes.

Features include high start-up stability, eliminating the need for regulated start pressure re-adjustment after long downtimes, with automatic return to output setting at start-up.

They incorporate a high-gain pneumatic servo amplifier for regulated pressure, ranging from dead end to 20m3 per hour (12 SCFM), held constant over substantial flow changes.

An extra-large capacity integral relief valve provides exhaust flow when regulated pressure is reset to a lower value, with automatic high downstream relief under dead end conditions.

A high-performance servo-operated control mechanism in the regulator adds pressure stability.

High temperature stability is achieved via a measurement capsule constructed of specially selected stainless-steel alloys that minimise regulated pressure shifts over wide temperature variations.

Inadvertent pressure adjustments are possible via tightening of the Type 10’s integral locking nut.

Units may be installed in any position and either panel mounted or supported by in-line plumbing.

Where low power requirements are a concern, the Type 10 series is also offered in a motorised configuration of 2rpm/4W; 6rpm/6W with high accuracy, allowing it to be used in HVAC systems, remote pressure control ventilation systems or other electro-pneumatic system control applications.

Its design allows for integration into open- or closed-loop process control systems and programmable controllers.

The Marsh Bellofram Type 10 series is also offered in several model variations to meet particular requirements.

The Type 10EXHR is a high-relief regulator with the same rugged construction and high-accuracy performance as the standard model, with the addition of extra-fast ‘blowdown’ for the rapid release of downstream pressure, which is typically required within fast exhaust applications such as cylinder return stroke actuation and air hoists.

A low-range version, the Type 10LR, allows for an output pressure range of 0.5psig to 25psig (0.03 bar to 1.7 bar) over a maximum supply pressure of 50psig (3.4 bar).

The Marsh Bellofram Type 10 air pressure regulator series is also suitable for use in gas mixing, air gauging, disc and shoe air braking, positioned signaling, valve operation, gate actuation, calibration stands, cylinder loading, force balance hoists, clamp units, web tensioning, press units and roll loading applications.

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