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Air Pumping has introduced the Steadymix anti-freeze and water mixing pump, which gives a specific and unfaultering mixed outlet dispense.

It runs on one single Ingersoll-Rand / ARO 1in diaphragm pump.

It is cheap to install and commission and requires only nearby water and anti-freeze supplies (six meter max) and on-site compressed air resources.

Existing pipework or hose reels can be used to run fluids; alternatively Air Pumping can supply and install new runs and dispense points.

The system is kept to a bare minimum to keep costs and fluid storage space down.

This is why IBC bunds are often utilised to keep standardised equipment on the customer site.

Depending on the length of pipe work runs, one Steadymix pumping system can service several service points, giving garage or depot engineers a simple method of topping up engine levels and eliminating the need to handle hazardous chemicals.

It can also eliminate time wasted by mixing up solutions for services and mopping up messy spillages from over-filled buckets or watering cans.

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