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Chalwyn air shut-off valves and exhaust spark arrestors have been fitted on the maintenance vehicles working at the new Milford Haven South Hook LNG (liquefied natural gas) terminal.

This is to match the high level of hazardous area safety at the facility to that achieved in the Middle East at the Qatar Gas LNG production plant, using the same British-made product line.

This means that Chalwyn, part of AMOT, is specified for improving safety at both ends of the transportation process.

More than 20 D Series valves and spark arrestors were recently retrofitted by Greens Motors to the various models of commercial vehicles (typically 2.5 litre) as part of the project being run by South Hook LNG terminal.

Flammable gas or vapour drawn into a diesel engine intake acts as an ungoverned fuel supply, causing uncontrolled over-speed and mechanical failure or flashback ignition of the surrounding flammable atmosphere.

An air intake shut-down valve is the only certain way to stop the engine.

Chalwyn D Series valves provide fully automatic engine over-speed protection with no requirement for mechanical or electrical connections.

Different size ranges have allowed meeting application requirements for virtually all popular intake pipe sizes and engine ratings.

Chalwyn stainless-steel diesel-engine spark arrestors are approved to EU ATEX standards and are of the quenching type to provide essential safety wherever a stray spark may cause ignition of combustible material.

Glowing particles emitted from a diesel engine exhaust are repeatedly impacted against internal spark arrestor surfaces to be cooled and broken down before eventual discharge to the atmosphere.

The Milford Haven LNG facility is one of the largest hydrocarbon projects of its kind in Europe.

A fleet of double-hulled ships will bring the LNG from Ras Laffan, Qatar, to its safe anchorage, where a regasification plant will convert it from a liquid back to a gas for delivery across the UK via the national grid.

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