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Firestone Airstroke actuators, available from Air Springs Supply, are designed for performing heavy lifts in confined spaces in the construction, mining and energy sectors.

At the top of the range is the triple-convoluted model 348-3, which can lift more than 40,000kg using normal industrial compressed air at 7 bar (100psi) to provide strokes of up to 350mm from a compact starting height of 140mm.

Because the air-spring type of actuator doesn’t have any internal moving parts, which are susceptible to break or wear, they can provide greater reliability in industrial environments.

Single, double and triple-convoluted air springs offer the best stability for heavy lifts, while extended-wall, single-convoluted models offer between 25–60mm greater stroke than standard models, allowing them to be used in applications that might otherwise require more complex lifting and actuation alternatives.

Key specifications

  • Air springs can use either compressed air or suitable liquids as the lifting medium
  • Rubber bellows are rugged and fabric reinforced
  • Inflated at between 3–7 bar
  • No moving parts facilitates greater reliability
  • Full actuator range offers capacities from 40kg to 40,000kg
  • Claimed to be cheaper to set up than alternatives such as hydraulics
  • Can be used as either mobile jacks or built into equipment

Air Springs

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