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Ajax Equipment has supplied Kemfine UK with a lump breaker to assist with the production of agrochemicals at the company’s Grangemouth site.

The high-capacity lump breaker is being used to break up ammonium acetate blocks for charging a chemical reactor.

Mounted on top of the reactor feed, the stainless steel lump breaker is used to gently crush 25kg ammonium acetate blocks, providing a consistent ingredient size without the generation of excessive dust.

The lump breaker works by means of a circular shaft and special profiled blades with serrated edges imposing a three-stage action on the lumps, wedging and crushing them against the lump breaker’s casing and grill.

Any residual lumps are forced through the grill by means of the sliding and crushing action of the blade edges.

Paul Kiernan, production manager at Kemfine, said: ‘We find that, during storage, the ammonium acetate solidifies into ice-like blocks that are unsuitable for charging the reactor.

‘The challenge was to find a lump breaker that would fit into the small space above the reactor.

‘Fortunately, Ajax was able to design the lump breaker such that it fitted into the tight space without loss of performance,’ he added.

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